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Christine Abi Najm

I love this love between us

Only God can see us

See true love in a dark world

Listen to words were never heard.

You defeated all my fears

Handled with care my tears

I love how through out it all

You catch me when I fall


You wouldn't take no for an answer

You stood on my door as a dancer

I love you for the person you made me

It's like I was again created

I used to hide by being carefree

A part of me that I hated

So thank you for holding my hand

and taking me to dream land

A land I thought was just a dream

A fairytale made with whip cream

(Repeat Chorus)...


It turned out to be your sacred land

A haven that was never planned

A right time, a right place

When I only saw your face

A right time, a right place

(Repeat Chorus)...