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BUY Excerpt from "The Ache of Healing" A dreamer You can see his eyes gazing at the stars His soul is crammed with huge aspiration 
From Earth to Mercury, Venus to Mars He yearns to be the “God of creation.” He fights hard, he endeavors and ventures
For the dreams are arduous to attain 
Conquering comfort zones with adventures 
High mountains to reach, trials to sustain. 
Inconsiderate to people’s judgments: Like they are officers who magistrate 
Breaking a piece of art to small fragments 
Worthy or ruthless, some cynics will hate. 
It took a dreamer to build the first plane It takes one to survive a hurricane.
My Poetry

105 sonnets divided into four categories:

• Roses and prickles,           • Spirits and souls,

• Places, and                        • Contemplations.

 "Roses and prickles poems" portray different types of romance and all the blissful and sad emotions that love brings with it. "Spirits and souls poems" describes personalities such as the greatest man alive, the altruistic, orphans, mothers, fathers, abusers, dreamers, children, enemies, childhood friends, old age… "Places poems" define several themes such as hometown, mother nature, full unknown, immigrants… "Contemplations poems" picture the ache of healing, trust, jealousy, hunger, endless glory, love, hate, marriage, music, fear of silence, self-doubt, being lost, life and death…

I dedicate this book to the soul of my father who died in war when I was three years old. To the spirit that I didn't have the chance to know while growing up. To my mom who raised four children alone, who is an impressive role model on how to be strong no matter what life throws at you and who never gave up on life or on us. To my two wonderful children, this book is written as a proof for you to believe in your dreams, in yourself and to do what you love to do. To the readers of this book, I hope you will be able to relate to those poems and I hope they will be an added value to your life. A writer's dream is to reach as many hearts as possible and to deliver a significant message to change people's lives for the better. I hope I'm able to do that. To humanity, I'm happy to leave a small trace in this world and make a small difference. Last but not least, to our heavenly father, I love you no matter what.